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JSE STOCK Python Module#

this module returns stock history for any given stock


pip install JSEStocks


Getting all JSE stocks#

import JSEStocks
  • Output
            PRX,Prosus N.V. 
            ANH,Anheuser-Busch Inbev 
            BTI,British American Tobacco 
            GLN,Glencore plc 
            CFR,Compagnie Fin Richemont 
            BHP,BHP Group plc 
            NPN,Naspers Limited - N 
            AGL,Anglo American plc 
            AMS,Anglo American Platinum Ltd 
            FSR,Firstrand Limited 
            MTN,MTN Group Limited 
            VOD,Vodacom Group Limited 
            SBK,Standard Bank Group 
            CPI,Capitec Bank Holdings 
            SOL,Sasol Limited 
            S32,South32 Limited 
            IMP,Impala Platinum Holdings Limited 
            MNP,Mondi plc 
            KIO,Kumba Iron Ore 
            SSW,Sibanye Stillwater Limited 
            ABG,Absa Group Limited 
            GFI,Gold Fields Limited 
            SLM,Sanlam Limited 
            SHP,Shoprite Holdings Limited 
            ANG,Anglogold Ashanti 
            BID,Bid Corporation Limited 
            DSY,Discovery Limited 
            NED,Nedbank Group Limited 
            APN,Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited 
            PPH,Pepkor Holdings Limited 
            NHM,Northam Platinum Limited 
            RMI,Rand Merchant Investment Holdings 
            CLS,Clicks Group Limited 
            REM,Remgro Limited 
            OMU,Old Mutual Limited 
            NRP,Nepi Rockcastle plc 
            BVT,Bidvest Group 
            INP,Investec plc 
            EXX,Exxaro Resources Limited 
            RNI,Reinet Investments S.C.A. 
            WHL,Woolworths Holdings Limited 
            MCG,MultiChoice Group 
            MRP,Mr Price Group 
            GRT,Growthpoint Properties Limited 
            ARI,African Rainbow Minerals 
            MEI,Mediclinic International plc 
            QLT,Quilter plc 
            RBP,Royal Bafokeng Platinum Limited 
            TFG,The Foschini Group 
            DGH,Distell Group Holdings 
            VVO,Vivo Energy plc 
            HMN,Hammerson plc 
            TBS,Tiger Brands Limited 
            N91,Ninety One plc 
            LHC,Life Healthcare Group 
            TXT,Textainer Group Holdings 
            HAR,Harmony Gold Mining Company 
            SPP,Spar Group Limited 
            TCP,Transaction Capital Ltd 
            SRE,Sirius Real Estate 
            SNT,Santam Limited 
            CCO,Capital & Counties Properties plc 
            DCP,Dis-Chem Pharmacies Limited 
            MSP,MAS Real Estate Inc 
            MTM,Momentum Metropolitan Holdings 
            LBH,Liberty Holdings Limited 
            INL,Investec Limited 
            APH,Alphamin Resources Corporation 
            BAW,Barloworld Limited 
            PIK,Pick n Pay Stores Limited 
            AVI,AVI Limited 
            TKG,Telkom SA Limited 
            RDF,Redefine Properties Limited 
            RES,Resilient REIT Limited 
            SAP,Sappi Limited 
            TRU,Truworths International Limited 
            BYI,Bytes Technology Group 
            MTH,Motus Holdings Limited 
            SNH,Steinhoff International Holdings NV 
            NTC,Netcare Limited 
            ITE,Italtile Limited 
            KST,PSG Konsult Limited 
            PSG,PSG Group Limited 
            CML,Coronation Fund Managers 
            KRO,Karooooo Ltd 
            NY1,Ninety One Limited 
            EQU,Equites Property Fund Limited 
            FFA,Fortress REIT Limited - A 
            LTE,Lighthouse Capital Limited 
            RCL,RCL Foods Limited 
            IPL,Imperial Logistics Limited 
            MSM,Massmart Holdings Limited 
            AFE,AECI Limited 
            HYP,Hyprop Investments Limited 
            SPG,Super Group Limited 
            TGA,Thungela Resources Limited 
            IAP,Irongate Group 
            TSG,Tsogo Sun Gaming 
            ACL,ArcelorMittal South Africa Limited 
            VKE,Vukile Property Fund Limited 
            KAP,Kap Industrial Holdings Limited 
            STP,Stenprop Limited 
            DRD,DRDGOLD Limited 
            JSE,JSE Limited 
            IPF,Investec Property Fund Limited 
            OMN,Omnia Holdings Limited 
            EPP,EPP N.V. 
            GTC,Globe Trade Centre S.A. 
            AIP,Adcock Ingram Holdings 
            AIL,African Rainbow Capital Investments 
            RLO,Reunert Limited 
            ADH,ADvTECH Limited 
            AFT,Afrimat Limited 
            PAN,Pan African Resources plc 
            COH,Curro Holdings Limited 
            DTC,Datatec Limited 
            JBL,Jubilee Metals Group Plc 
            OCE,Oceana Group Limited 
            THA,Tharisa plc 
            PPC,PPC Limited 
            ARL,Astral Foods Limited 
            CSB,Cashbuild Limited 
            FBR,Famous Brands Limited 
            SSS,Stor-Age Property REIT 
            SUI,Sun International Limited 
            WBO,Wilson Bayly Holmes-Ovcon Limited 
            RBX,Raubex Group Limited 
            HCI,Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited 
            MUR,Murray & Roberts Holdings Limited 
            SAC,SA Corporate Real Estate Fund Limited 
            BAT,Brait SE 
            ATT,Attacq Limited 
            MTA,Metair Investments Limited 
            AFH,Alexander Forbes Group Holdings Limited 
            RAV,Raven Property Group Limited 
            EMI,Emira Property Fund Limited 
            MPT,Mpact Limited 
            ZED,Zeder Investments Limited 
            GSH,Grindrod Shipping Holdings 
            TGO,Tsogo Sun Hotels 
            MED,Middle East Diamond Resources Limited 
            SHG,Sea Harvest Group Limited 
            BLU,Blue Label Telecoms 
            L2D,Liberty Two Degrees Limited 
            REN,Renergen Limited 
            MIX,Mix Telematics Limited 
            HDC,Hudaco Industries Limited 
            LBR,Libstar Holdings Limited 
            GML,Gemfields Group Limited 
            L4L,Long4Life Limited 
            KAL,Kaap Agri Limited 
            NT1,Net 1 UEPS Technologies Inc 
            FFB,Fortress REIT Limited - B 
            MTNZF,MTN Zakhele Futhi 
            PPE,Purple Group Limited 
            CLI,Clientele Limited 
            AHB,Arrowhead Properties Limited B 
            RFG,RFG Holdings Limited 
            AEG,Aveng Group Limited 
            MRF,Merafe Resources Limited 
            GND,Grindrod Limited 
            AEL,Allied Electronics Corporation 
            CAT,Caxton & CTP Publishers & Printers Limited 
            EXP,Exemplar Reitail Limited 
            CLH,City Lodge Hotels Limited 
            IVT,Invicta Holdings Limited 
            SCD,Schroder European Real Estate Investment Trust 
            LEW,Lewis Group Limited 
            ACT,Afrocentric Investment Corp 
            SDO,STADIO Holdings Limited 
            HET,Heriot REIT Limited 
            HIL,Homechoice International plc 
            TDH,Tradehold Limited 
            WEZ,Wesizwe Platinum Limited 
            OAO,Oando PLC 
            NPK,Nampak Limited 
            CTA,Capital Appreciation Limited 
            SYG,Sygnia Limited 
            YYLBEE,YeboYethu (RF) Limited 
            DIA,Dipula Income Fund Limited A 
            SBP,Sabvest Capital Limited 
            OCT,Octodec Investments Limited 
            RMH,RMB Holdings Limited 
            FVT,Fairvest Property Holdings 
            CRP,Capital & Regional plc 
            AVV,Alviva Holdings Limited 
            SUR,Spur Corporation Limited 
            DRA,DRA Global Limited 
            CMH,Combined Motor Holdings Limited 
            TTO,Trustco Group Holdings Limited 
            SEA,Spear Reit Limited 
            MDI,Master Drilling Group Limited 
            ARH,ARB Holdings Limited 
            BWN,Balwin Properties Limited 
            ACS,Acsion Limited 
            BRN,Brimstone Investment Corporation - N Shares 
            SAR,Safari Investments RSA Limited 
            ENX,enX Group Limited 
            EMN,E Media Holdings Limited - N Shares 
            HLM,Hulamin Limited 
            MFL,Metrofile Holdings Limited 
            EPE,EPE Capital Partners Limited 
            OAS,Oasis Crescent Property Fund 
            ORN,Orion Minerals Limited 
            UPL,Universal Partners Limited 
            TEX,Texton Property Fund Limited 
            GPL,Grand Parade Investments Limited 
            BEL,Bell Equipment Limited 
            AYO,AYO Tech Solutions 
            YRK,York Timber Holdings Limited 
            ILU,Indluplace Properties Limited 
            DIB,Dipula Income Fund Limited B 
            HPR,Hosken Passenger Logistics and Rail Limited 
            APF,Accelerate Property Fund Ltd 
            QFH,Quantum Foods Holdings 
            SOLBE1,Sasol Limited - BEE 
            CHP,Choppies Enterprises Limited 
            AHA,Arrowhead Properties Limited A 
            PBG,PBT Group Limited 
            SFN,Sasfin Holdings Limited 
            EOH,EOH Holdings 
            TRE,Trencor Limited 
            TPF,Transcend Residential Property Fund Limited 
            BCF,Bowler Metcalf Limited 
            MST,Mustek Limited 
            FGL,Finbond Group Limited 
            DNB,Deneb Investments Limited 
            SNV,Santova Limited 
            NVS,Novus Holdings Limited 
            MMP,Marshall Monteagle PLC 
            WSL,Wescoal Holdings Limited 
            OLG,Onelogix Group Limited 
            TMT,Trematon Capital Investments Limited 
            ART,Argent Industrial Limited 
            DKR,Deutsche Konsum REIT-AG 
            NWL,Nu-World Holdings Limited 
            KP2,Kore Potash Plc 
            ADR,Adcorp Holdings Limited 
            TON,Tongaat Hulett Limited 
            EPS,Eastern Platinum Limited 
            HUG,Huge Group Limited 
            CND,Conduit Capital Limited 
            CKS,Crookes Brothers Limited 
            TPC,Transpaco Limited 
            CGR,Calgro M3 Holdings Limited 
            ALH,Alaris Holdings Limited 
            VUN,Vunani Limited 
            SEP,Sephaku Holdings Limited 
            NVE,Nvest Financial Holdings Limited 
            AEE,African Equity Empowerment Investments 
            DLT,Delta Property Fund Limited 
            ISB,Insimbi Industrial Holdings Ltd 
            ASC,Ascendis Health Limited 
            RSG,Resource Generation Limited 
            NRL,Newpark REIT Limited 
            RHB,RH Bophelo Limited 
            SOH,South Ocean Holdings 
            WKF,Workforce Holdings Limited 
            BUC,Buffalo Coal Corporation 
            BIK,Brikor Limited 
            TRL,Trellidor Holdings Limited 
            SEB,Sebata Holdings Limited 
            BAU,Bauba Resources Limited 
            AME,African Media Entertainment 
            EMH,E Media Holdings Limited 
            AVL,Advanced Health Limited 
            BRT,Brimstone Investment Corporation 
            ARA,Astoria Investments Limited 
            ETO,Etion Limited 
            ELI,Ellies Holdings Limited 
            LNF,London Finance & Investment Group Plc 
            HUL,Hulisani Limited 
            FSE,Firestone Energy Limited 
            KBO,Kibo Energy PLC 
            PFB,Premier Fishing and Brands 
            REA,Rebosis Property Fund - A Shares 
            RTN,Rex Trueform Group - N Shares 
            CVW,Castleview Property Fund Limited 
            REB,Rebosis Property Fund 
            CMO,Chrometco Limited 
            MCZ,MC Mining Limited 
            CSG,CSG Holdings Limited 
            ISA,ISA Holdings Limited 
            4SI,4Sight Holdings Limited 
            CGN,Cognition Holdings Limited 
            PPR,Putprop Limited 
            EEL,Efora Energy Limited 
            LAB,Labat Africa Limited 
            PMV,Primeserv Group Limited 
            SSK,Stefanutti Stocks Holdings Limited 
            EUZ,Europa Metals Limited 
            RNG,Randgold And Exploration Company 
            JSC,Jasco Electronics Holdings 
            AON,African and Overseas Enterprises - N Shares 
            TLM,TeleMasters Holdings Limited 
            UAT,Union Atlantic Minerals Limited 
            BSR,Basil Read Holdings Limited 
            AHL,AH-Vest Limited 
            HWA,Hwange Colliery Company Limited 
            RTO,Rex Trueform Group 
            SVB,SilverBridge Holdings Limited 
            NCS,Nictus Limited 
            PEM,Pembury Lifestyle Group 
            CAC,CAFCA Limited 
            PSV,PSV Holdings Limited 
            ILE,Imbalie Beauty Limited 
            MRI,Mine Restoration Investments Limited 
            TAS,Taste Holdings Limited 
            AOO,African and Overseas Enterprises Limited 
            VIS,Visual International Holdings Limited 
            ADW,African Dawn Capital 
            ECS,Ecsponent Limited 
            GLI,Go Life International Ltd 
            WEA,WG Wearne Limited 
            NFP,New Frontier Properties Limited 
            NUT,Nutritional Holdings Limited 
            ACZ,Arden Capital Limited 
            PHM,Phumelela Gaming And Leisure Limited 
            RPL,RDI REIT PLC 
            ACE,Accentuate Limited 
            RDI,Rockwell Diamonds Incorporated 
            AFX,African Oxygen Limited 
            ACG,Anchor Group Limited 
            ALP,Atlantic Leaf Properties Limited 
            TBG,Tiso Blackstar Group SE 
            CTK,Cartrack Holdings 
            UCP,Unicorn Capital Partners Limited 
            VLE,Value Group Limited 
            COM,Comair Limited 
            CIL,Consolidated Infrastructure Group 
            EFG,Efficient Group Limited 
            ELR,ELB Group Limited 
            ESR,Esor Limited 
            FDP,Freedom Property Fund Limited 
            GAI,Gaia Infrastructure Capital Limited 
            GRF,Group Five Limited 
            HPB,Hospitality Property Fund - B 
            IDQ,Indequity Group Limited 
            KDV,Kaydav Group Limited 
            MZR,Mazor Group Limited 
            MLE,Mettle Investments Limited 
            MNK,Montauk Holdings Limited 

Getting stock#

Example Tongaat Hullets with code of TON

import JSEStocks


                   Open         High          Low        Close    Adj Close  Volume       Date
2000-01-04  4066.684082  4066.684082  3996.163574  3996.163574  1829.829346  183560 2000-01-04
2000-01-05  3917.807617  4011.834961  3882.547119  3902.136230  1786.775024  117768 2000-01-05
2000-01-06  3839.451416  3839.451416  3721.916992  3725.834961  1706.046875  106109 2000-01-06
2000-01-07  3761.095215  3917.807617  3761.095215  3761.095215  1722.192749  206864 2000-01-07
2000-01-10  3902.136230  3996.163574  3862.958252  3862.958252  1768.835205  141350 2000-01-10
...                 ...          ...          ...          ...          ...     ...        ...
2022-01-27   485.000000   490.000000   461.000000   467.000000   467.000000  129986 2022-01-27
2022-01-28   475.000000   475.000000   445.000000   450.000000   450.000000  243373 2022-01-28
2022-01-31   455.000000   479.000000   444.000000   450.000000   450.000000  334563 2022-01-31
2022-02-01   460.000000   460.000000   431.000000   445.000000   445.000000  193173 2022-02-01
2022-02-02   444.000000   450.000000   435.000000   449.000000   449.000000  350496 2022-02-02

[5682 rows x 7 columns]

Get Stock History All Markets#

Example Apple with code of AAPL

import JSEStocks


                   Open         High          Low        Close    Adj Close     Volume       Date
2000-01-03    46.750000    47.500000    46.312500    46.937500    27.847401  133949200 2000-01-03
2000-01-04    46.968750    46.968750    44.250000    44.000000    26.061205  128094400 2000-01-04
2000-01-05    43.937500    45.750000    42.875000    44.000000    26.061205  194580400 2000-01-05

[5682 rows x 7 columns]

Return South African ETFs#

import JSEStocks
1nvest Top 40 ETF - ETFT40
1nvest SWIX 40 ETF - ETFSWX
FNB Top 40 ETF - FNBT40
Satrix 40 ETF - STX40
Satrix SWIX Top 40 ETF - STXSWX
Sygnia Itrix SWIX 40 ETF - SYGSW4
Sygnia Itrix Top 40 ETF - SYGT40
CoreShares Next 40 - CSNT40
CoreShares Wealth Top 20 - CTOP20
CoreShares Top 50 ETF - CTOP50
CoreShares DivTrax ETF - DIVTRX
Satrix S&P GIVI SA Top 50 ETF - STXT50
Satrix Volatility Managed Defensive Equity ETF - STXDEQ
Satrix Volatility Managed High Growth Equity ETF - STXGEQ
Satrix Volatility Managed Moderate Equity ETF - STXMEQ
Satrix Equity Momentum  ETF - STXEQM
Satrix Value Equity ETF - STXVEQ
Satrix Low Volatility Equity ETF - STXLVL
Satrix Shari'ah Top 40 ETF - STXSHA
CoreShares Scientific Beta Mult-Factor ETF - SMART
Satrix Capped All Share ETF - STXCAP
Satrix Inclusion & Diversity ETF - STXID
Satrix Momentum ETF - STXMMT
Satrix  Quality South Africa ETF - STXQUA
CoreShares S&P 500 ETF - CSP500
1nvest S&P 500 Index Feeder ETF - ETF500
1nvest S&P 500 Info Tech Index Feeder ETF - ETF5IT
1nvest MSCI EM Asia Index Feeder ETF - ETFEMA
1nvest MSCI Wordld Socially Responsible Investment Index Feeder ETF - ETFSRI
1nvest MSCI World Index Feeder ETF - ETFWLD
FNB Global 1200 Equity Fund of Funds ETF - FNBEQF
CoreShares Total World Stock Feeder ETF - GLOBAL
CoreShares S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF - GLODIV
Satrix S&P 500 ETF - STX500
Satrix MSCI China ETF - STXCHN
Satrix Smart City Infrastructure Feeder ETF - STXCTY
Satrix MSCI EM ESG Enhanced ETF - STXEME
Satrix MSCI Emerging Markets ETF - STXEMG
Satrix MSCI World ESG Enhanced ETF - STXESG
Satrix Healthcare Innovation Feeder ETF - STXHLT
Satrix Global Infrastucture ETF - STXIFR
Satrix MSCI India ETF - STXNDA
Satrix Nasdaq 100 ETF - STXNDQ
Satrix MSCI World ETF - STXWDM
Sygnia Itrix 4th Industrial Revolution Global Equity ETF - SYG4IR
Sygnia Itrix S&P 500 - SYG500
Sygnia Itrix New China Sectors ETF - SYGCN
Sygnia Itrix MSCI Emerging Markets 50 ETF - SYGEMF
Sygnia Itrix S&P Global 1200 ESG ETF - SYGESG
Sygnia DJ EuroStoxx 50 ETF - SYGEU
Sygnia Itrix Solactive Healthcare 150 ETF - SYGH
Sygnia Itrix MSCI Japan ETF - SYGJP
Sygnia Itrix Sustainable Economy ETF - SYGSE
Sygnia Itrix FTSE 100 ETF - SYGUK
Sygnia Itrix MSCI World ETF - SYGWD
1nvestGold ETF - ETFGLD
1nvestPalladium ETF - ETFPLD
1nvestPlatinum ETF - ETFPLT
1nvestRhodium ETF - ETFRHO
NewGold ETF - GLD
Krugerrand  Custodial Certificate - KCCGLD
NewPalladium ETF - NGPLD
CoreShares Wealth GOVI ETF - CSGOVI
CoreShares Yield Selected Bond ETF - CSYSB
1nvest SA Bond ETF - ETFBND
FNB Inflation ETF - FNBINF
Satrix SA Bond ETF - STXGOV
Dollar Custodial Certificate  - 10 Year - DCCUSD
Dollar Custodial Certificate - 2 Year - DCCUS2
1nvest Global Government Bond Index Feeder ETF - ETFGGB
1nvest ICE US Treasury Short Bond Index ETF - ETFUSD
FNB World Government Bond ETF - FNBWGB
Satrix S&P Namibia Bond ETF - STXNAM
Satrix Global Aggregate Bond ETF - STXGBD
Satrix TRACI 3 Month  ETF - STXTRA
Satrix Multi Asset Passive Portfolios Solutions Growth ETF - STXMAG
Satrix Multi Asset Passive Portfolios Solutions Protect ETF - STXMAP 
CoreShares SA Property Income ETF - CSPROP
1nvest SA Property ETF - ETFSAP
Satrix Property ETF - STXPRO
1nvest Global REIT Index Feeder ETF - ETFGRE
Satrix Reitway Global Property ETF - STXGPR
Coreshares  S&P Global Property ETF - GLPROP
Reitway Global Property ESG Prescient ETF - RWESG
Reitway Global Property Diversified Prescient ETF - RWDVF
Sygnia Itrix Global Property ETF - SYGP
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